Corsec Magnet Applicator

Once in a while, I will stumble across a product that solves a minor chronic problem so elegantly that I can't figure out why I hadn't looked for it before. These are not wholly innovative gadgets; rather, they are things that have existed, but I just had no idea since it didn't fall within my tiny sphere of attention. I want to show you one of these products.

Corsec is a company that makes ancillary products for wargames. Like Litko and GF9, they have laser cut tokens and templates, gaming mats, etc. But slightly buried in their site I found this gem today:

If like me, you own more than three or four armies and are currently riding the tsunami of changes occurring in the 40k meta right now, magnetizing weapon loadouts can be your savior and your friend. They are also a practical measure to prevent flight stand breakage. But rare earth magnets, especially tiny ones, are tricky to work with and place. I use a steel rod to place my magnets in difficult or tiny areas, but the magnets adhesion to the rod is often stronger than its adhesion to the greenstuff, which leads to some tricky finger gymnastics. Enter the Magnet Applicator Tool:

Genius. I see that there are many other versions of this, but at eight bucks, why not support a gaming-oriented company?

Now if there were only a shoehorn that I could use without bending...  :)

Buy the magnet applicator here.


  1. I don't know if I love you, or hate you for this post. I just finished magnetizing a stompa, gorkanaut, and deff dread....then this lovely post shows up, and all my super glued fingers cry out.

    Buying immediately. Thanks so much!

  2. Thats really handy and only $8. I can think of several illegal and unwholesome alternative uses too! Thanks!