Mantic Typhus Zombies, Part 1

At the last Adepticon, I noticed a deal at the Mantic booth. They were selling a box of 30 Zombies from their Kings of War game and 3 boxes of 10 Marines from Warpath in a bundle. This was an obvious kit to create cultist zombies for the Chaos Space Marine codex that had just been released. So I went for it...
I decided to just go ahead and create the maximum 35 cultist zombies. The good thing about them is that they only have close combat ability, and it specifically says in the fluff that any ballisitic weapons are only used as bludgeons. This gave me quite a bit of leeway. I decided to kitbash all stages from a soldier that has a ghoulish head to a completely off the wall zombie dragging along a gun. And the result?

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They turned out pretty well. It turns out that simple head swaps are anything but simple. The Corporation (sci fi) have necks, while the zombies' necks are built into the torso. This creates the need for careful cutting, sanding and alignment. You can see my mistakes and happy accidents in these closeups.

Not TOO bad. I'm going to prime them with Army Painter Bone spray tonight and then paint primarily using washes...speed painting really. Stay tuned.

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