Whoa! (Necron Apocalypse thingie)

Wow. That's pretty cool. So along with this and the Khorne Wheelchair thing, I guess we are headed straight into a summer of overpriced Apocalypse models. If the Wraithknight is $115.00, what would these be? Are we entering a new price tier? $150? $200?

As usual, I'm not exactly dogging GW for charging whatever they can for models. It sucks for the end user, but no one is putting a gun to anyone's head to actually buy these things.

What I'm hoping for, however, is a caste system in the nicest sense of the word (if there could even be a nice version of "caste"). I hope there will be a thriving community of 1500-1850 point games, and then another tier where people can actually field these expensive models. Finally, there would be a tier where Apoc games are the norm. I'm not talking about official delineations; I'm just hoping for these strata to appear naturally, because this kind of money now puts 40k into a realm of pursuits that it may not be able to compete with. Motorcycle? Modular synthesizer? Community College tuition? It's all about opportunity cost, and I'm not sure if anyone wants to cross this next threshold.

What's the absolute maximum you would spend on models to field a competitive army?

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