FW: Tau Manta U.S. Fire Sale???

So I was perusing the 2013 Forgeworld print catalogue when I noticed a something:

Anything seem off to you?

I flipped to the Manta and just pined. I love this model. It would easily fit in any manga/anime universe, and it's easy to see why the Imperium would fear and hate the Tau. The model itself is unbelievably cool, the interior details even moreso all those little fishmen!

But then I looked at the price:

I would like to see the GW conversion calculator.

Do you think they'll honor the (US) price?

Now, don't get your panties in a bunch. I fully realize that it's a typo and they are not obligated to honor (or honour) that price. But it did make me start looking around the catalog with fresh eyes. By the way, I still think print catalogs are superior to web stores when you don't really know what you want, and this is coming from a guy who handles literally thousands of clothing, show, and jewelry pages online.

And as I looked around, I realized something. Compared to 4 years ago, these prices (even excluding the Manta) were reasonable! When did that happen, you may ask. When did FW drop their prices to GW levels?

They didn't. GW raised prices to FW levels. Twenty U.S. dollars for a pair of renegade psykers doesn't sound so crazy these days, does it? And when a Dark Eldar Raider is pushing 40 bucks, $140 for the Tantalus doesn't seem so steep.

Forgeworld may be, at this time, the sleeper bargain venue for unique items that can personalize your armies. It's just too bad that they became affordable because the bar got raised, not lowered.


  1. Believe me, even at $158 USD, the Manta isn't a bargain, check my blog out for the build I did of one.

  2. It also helps that the exchange has shifted to be more in favor of the dollar than the pound relative to where it was before the financial crisis.

  3. I wish it was a factor of ten like this typo!