Chapterhouse and Wargamma Defense Walls / Aegis Counts As

I saw this morning on Apocalypse 40k that  Chapterhouse, on the heels of the relatively advantageous (to them) court decision has initiated a Kickstarter for army-specific defense walls.

It's a clever idea for those who don't relish aquilas on their Eldar, Tau, or Ork wargear. It's also an idea that was implemented by others before this Kickstarter.
Mr. Dandy from Wargamma had these prototypes at Adepticon this year, and having seen them in person, I have to say that they are awesome.

Go to their site to see the equivalent quad guns.

These are roughly the same value as the Chapterhouse Kickstarter. They are actually a bit cheaper, but some of the Chapterhouse walls have clear resin detailing, and I think they may include an extra gun and shipping as well.

They are different enough to the point where I would not call it a ripoff, and, of course, they are both copying the aesthetic IP of Games Workshop.  And at $30.00 for the actual Aegis Defence Line, you have to really commit to visuals to justify these army-specific walls. But choice is always good for the consumer's wallet. I'm waiting for someone to do xenos versions of the Fortress of Redemption.

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