40k Meta has gone insane

First, there's the BoLS outage.

Then there's the Faeit212 craziness.

And now there's the Battlefoam/BoK backfire. (It's worth a read).

All of a sudden, we have three insane incidents all just waiting for conspiracy theorists.

It was bound to happen. 40k has reached critical mass. Adepticon is bursting at the seams, there are more and more people getting into manufacturing ancillary products, and suddenly you have a powder keg of supply, demand, competition, and fickle consumers. You have an audience of customers that are very opinionated, web-saavy, and smart, yet they, as a rule, lack certain social restraint (that is my anecdotal observation, and besides, it's all opinion anyway) on one side, and you have a veritable monopoly in terms of brand on the other. While everyone had a common enemy (GW) when this was a niche hobby, the community is now flush with revenue, and we are feeding off of each other, GW included.

So what are some options? Wait until the next post.

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