Adepticon 2013 Part 2:The Haul and The Find

Illustration by Taytonclait on Deviant Art.
I went on quite a shopping spree at Adepticon this year. The new separate vendors' room made it simple to keep orbiting the tables and finding more and more stuff to "need". Of course, I spent too much at Forgeworld, but I was restrained enough to not buy any Black Library...simply not enough hours in the day for casual reading.

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So Mr. Dandy had some cool new stuff, but he was sick on Sunday, so his booth was closed (Get well soon, dude)! Very soon, he will be taking preorders for army-specific "defense walls". They are, in my opinion, perfect. Eldar, CSM, Greenskins, Nids...all were represented in nice resin, and I think the preorder was about 41 bucks for each, and I think a gun was included in that, but don't quote me on that. Just to be clear, they are not on the site yet, but should be shortly. EDIT: THEY'RE ON THE SITE.

There was also a company doing lasercut wood terrain. They had a fantastic Eldar piece that is not for sale yet. I imagine it will be in the <$100.00 range, but it's very large...definitely a centerpiece for a table.

And Game Room took over their perennial corner of the 'Con. For those of you who haven't seen it, they have huge bins full of bagged bits. A lot of it is unstrippable, broken, parts, but there are gems to be found for the patient.

And that's where I found this gem:
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I know it's not exactly rare or super expensive, but it's in GREAT shape. I also found a bunch of servo skulls, cherubs (very John Blanche), and Arco Flagellants. I have a box of genestealers waiting to join this little magus in a diorama.

More later!

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