PICS Forgeworld Necron Scenery + Flyer = Inspiration

So Forgeworld has put out two new items for Necrons today, and more than the expected red alert it has created in my wallet, I'm experiencing something I haven't felt in a long time: inspiration. [Read on...]

The first piece is a new bomber, the Night Shroud:
Click to enlarge
You can see more pics on the Forgeworld Page. Seems like a bit of a cop out since the only new bits seem to be the wing additions and the cowling, but this paint job has suddenly changed the way I'm viewing my Necron scheme. The black and glowy green suddenly seems so cartoony. And I really dislike the overuse of rust, but this slightly tarnished steel and brass is really effective in terms of implying age without looking deteriorated or, again, cartoony.

This model also gives me design direction to cover up the stupid open cockpit of the Doom Scythe.

Sigh...at least I only have two Necron vehicles painted up, and their present black scheme can serve as a basecoat.

Next up is a Realm of Battle tile, the Necron Tomb Citadel:

Click to enlarge. Monolith not included.
This sucker clocks in at about $140US. I've been waiting for GW to put out some Necron scenery, and of all of their beautiful set pieces, this seems the most striaghtforward to replicate stylistically. Will I buy it? Maybe. But I will definitely try to create it from scratch first.

So a lot of creative inspiration for a Wednesday. Stay tuned for my review of Minitaire paints. I bought about 25 bottles of it to start my Grey Knights and Harlequins. Now I need to figure out if I should first work on my Necron vehicles first...not enough hours in the day.

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