Loaded Dice. Are you kidding me?

I don't get to play 40k as often as I would like to. I have a job that has a bit of responsibility and pressure, a lengthy commute, and two little girls. It's a total privilege to get to throw some dice down and push around my favorite painted army men and aliens. I do get to go to Adepticon, which is lovely. When I play, I definitely try my best, but I am the furthest thing from a WAAC player. When I do play a very competitive opponent, I don't mind as long as I know going into the game. I don't find them distasteful or boring...it's just another way to play the game.

But cheating? [read more]

And cheating with LOADED DICE? What is this, the 40's? Is James Cagney going to burst into the hotel ballroom and spray bolter shells?

So check this out on BoK: Cheating at Beakycon

This guy used a weighted die. It rolled sixes all the time. For initiative, for deployment, you get the idea. He was DQed from winning prizes, but no one seems to be talking about the fact that he played two games BEFORE he got caught. Doesn't that fuck over those people?

So they (the organizers) didn't eject him, they won't call him out online, and they won't address it directly. And his justification was that he never saw that die before, and people are saying "well, that makes it a sticky issue." It does? It strikes me as being in the same camp as "Officer, I've never seen that crack pipe in my pocket before. I was holding it for a friend." But maybe it's just me. I have young children, so maybe I'm more attuned to stretched truth. But this one seemed flipping obvious to me.

Am I totally off here?


  1. I took some heat years ago by suggesting that tournament organizers provide dice at each table as a way to normalize the rolling. It did not go far, but it would help even the playing field.

  2. I have always thought dice should be provided - but then there are issues with custom tournament dice as well. I think they should buy just a tub of dice- give everyone 20 and just call it a day. Hell I use cheap as hell dice I bought in Vegas. They are easy to read and look decent. 12 for a buck - and they come in all sorts of colors.

    Either way - it is ass to cheat with dice in any event - especially one your opponent might have shelled out a ton of cash to play in. If I caught it I would be making all sorts of hell because well - it isn't cool to waste people's time and energy for whatever needs you have to win. It is just a game. I might have won some big things but in the end I like to paint models and push them around the table going pew pew.

  3. Honestly, I have played against someone who was just as bad in a tournament, who kept on changing where his squads were embarked. Oh, so your assault squad is not in the landraider but the crusader? But during deployment you told me they were in the razorback... They were eventually ejected from the tournament for other reasons (bullying of a much younger player until they were so afraid of them they had to leave) but that type of persons deserves no leniency, you have to have zero tolerance for any form of cheating, especially with loaded dice. He should of been dropped from the tournament, and none of his games should have counted, ESPECIALLY his first two rounds. Later games, well, I don't think he should of been allowed to play. There will always be someone who tries to cheat, you just have to make it so the risk is great enough that they don't try it.
    I am surprised he was allowed to play further games. I know my dice, and I would certainly never just pick one up randomly out of a bin to use. Maybe because my friends and I now use custom dice with our armies but you would KNOW that 'old faithful' always rolled a six. After two games, you would know and probably get rid of it. (thinking about it, I would have probably named and shamed the guy straight away by loudly proclaiming the nature of the cheating at my table for all and sundry to hear)

    Providing official dice could be part of the tournament cost. You get a custom set of dice celebrating the tournament each year, and everyone KNOWS they are on a level playing field.

  4. I was at that tournament and I'm just as surprised as you that he was able to stay in.

  5. The player whom used loaded dice had already lost his second game so was knocked out of winning anything. Using loaded dice is bad news for sure. I will be interested to see if other GTs provide all the dice in the future as a result.

  6. "So they (the organizers) didn't eject him, they won't call him out online, and they won't address it directly."

    He's their friend, what did you expect?

  7. If he had to leave two of his friends that had traveled with him from Miami would have had to leave too. You probably don't give a rats ass about them, right?

    1. Thats to bad for them that their 'buddy' is a cheating douchebag. Refund their entrance fee and ask them to maybe have a word with the guy that ruined it for them.

      A cheat is a cheat, he Will try it again unless he is severley punished by public naming. He deserves it.

  8. Do you think you had an obligation to the 20-30 other people at the tourney. Its your tourney so do what you want I would not bother attending one like yours that was so supportive of a cheat.

  9. We didn't receive any other complaints from anyone who played him. He had actually lost his second game already. Now if we had received further complaints then that would have called for an ejection.

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  11. Also it's easy for you to claim he is a "cheating douche" as you put it. I know many of his friends he plays on a regular basis for several years - no one has ever claimed he is a cheat. It's quite a large group too and they wouldn't put up with that kind of monkey business. In fact he has received a lot of support from his friends in regards to this incident.

  12. I'm not sure if that's really relevant, BBF. If it was someone none of you knew, then would you have been as lenient? If not, doesn't that imply that it's about who you know, not the integrity of the event?

  13. Why would his friends have to leave? You don't have to physically remove the cheater from the building.. Just don't let him play anymore games. He can go hang at the bar, chill in his hotel room, check out the demo table, watch his friends games (quietly.. I hate friends offering advice to opponents midgame at an event), etc.

    C'mon, BBF..