Multiplying Necron Scarabs

Inspired by Dark Future and From The Warp (and his second attempt), I decided to start on the scarabs for my Necron force. This was an easy and fun project.

I want to state at the onset that I do not believe in counterfeiting or recasting for profit. I am still using at least one (usually two) real GW scarabs per base. [read more]
This exercise was just an attempt to make the scarabs look cooler and more like a swarm. So the first step was heating up the Instant Mold and pressing in 5 scarabs. The FTW link above shows how to make a 2 part mold, but i really just needed the top half for my purposes. So after the Instant Mold cooled down, I popped out the original models and mixed up some Greenstuff. It's really important to start by putting the ball of Greenstuff in the middle and pressing down quite hard to eliminate air bubbles. A few hours later, I removed the items and removed the flashing with an Xacto knife. Here's the first one:
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You can see that I used two real ones and a few casts. The mold is in the foreground. I had to get a bit creative with placement since the casts don't have bottoms. I used little balls of Greenstuff to simulate hovering.

After black primer and some painting:

Not bad, eh? Obviously, if you view this model from underneath, the illusion is broken, but from this tabletop perspective, I think it looks great. I'll post more of these later after the present molds cure.

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  1. Nice, dude. I did the same with my Scarabs. Instant mould is really handy.