From the depths of the Internet comes...understanding.

I would have just linked to this picture, but I was afraid. From /tg/ over at 4chan
This starts with Harlequins and ends with 4chan. Oddly, it's not really that surprising once I type it out. There's a certain symmetry. But I digress...

When I started this blog, I had thought that it would eventually be a good repository of entry-level information that was succinct and clear. But then I quickly understood the scope of what I was thinking about attempting and abandoned the idea. Little did I know that it already existed. (MORE)

You see, it's a little surprising that there isn't a dirt simple "Here's what it's all about" sort of guide to Warhammer 40k. If you ask a player, they will point you to Dakka or BoLS, but if I were trying to get into the game without friends to help me, neither of those would be a good starting point. GW is even worse in that regard. But there is a place where you can get that info in a clear and concise manner as long as you can take irreverent and rough language.

THE 40k Section of 1d4chan.org

If you have not heard of 4chan, you should definitely look at their Wikipedia entry before just going onto the site. For all of their insanity, one thing that is inarguably a quality of that group is their tenacity and followthrough. I was trying to figure out how I was going to build a decent army around Harlequins, and while Fritz's articles were a good reference, it made some assumptions that didn't apply to me. But the Eldar and Dark Eldar Tactics portions of 1d4chan gave a clear, if profanity-laced, overview of what I was getting into. Hats off to them...no one else, not even the Lexicanum, has been able to communicate so clearly what the whole game is about.

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