Terv Rage

Why don't you exist, little lady?
OK, so let's talk about something that has me in fits. It has to do with this little lady in the picture (although I'm probably assigning an unnecessary gender stereotype...think penguins and seahorses). Of all the blunders attributed to Games Workshop, this is really the only one that I cannot argue against: the tardiness of the (presumed) third wave of Tyranid models. I know I'm preaching to the converted, but if you want to ride the wave of Black Rage with me, read on...
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I'm simply bewildered. Here we are, two weeks shy of the 5th Edition Tyranid Codex's second birthday, and there are still no models for the tervigon, mycetic spore or tyrannofex. I simply do not get it. I can understand why there is no Doom or Harpy...economies of scale and all that. But no Terv? I don't know a Nid player that wouldn't pick up at least one if not three of them.

Look at that artwork again. First, if you've played Tyranids for more than 5 minutes, you are familiar with the size relationship between a termagant (and that IS the way you spell it...no "u", you silly Internet bastards) and a carnifex. Now look at the artwork once more...does it look like you could mod a carnifex to be that size in relation to various gaunts? I would say no.

So now let's look at what I think is the closest conversion. This is by Deviant Art member Dible:

It's pretty close to the artwork...except in size. It needed to be bigger, but this is not the fault of this talented convertor.

So why would GW not put out a Tervigon/Tyrannofex kit? All of the aesthetic guidelines already exist in the designs of the other Tyranids. There are some theories, of course, involving GW shooting themselves in the proverbial foot with the Chapterhouse Affair and its fallout. But these distractions don't really explain the simple absence of these models in the line up. Again, these are not obscure Elite slot-filling one-offs. The Tervigon is both an HQ and troop choice, one that almost every list has a pair of. I wouldn't even mind if Forgeworld made one (or made a correct conversion kit). And the Tyrannofex? It should be about half the size of a Hierophant, right?

You cannot tell me that GW didn't find these feasible...have you seen all of those WFB kits with the kickass dragons and monsters? So something is definitely up. It doesn't make sense. Even if people hate the codex or find it underpowered, they still like to collect the models.

I'm not a GW hater. I support their notion of ip protections, and I can easily disconnect that notion from the wholly separate idea that they overcharge for their products, although I would disagree with that as well. But as a consumer of their products, I just cannot think of a single logical reason why I can't plunk down seventy bucks and get a Tervigon model that is sanctioned by Games Workshop; one that fits the aesthetic and has the correct base size. And speaking of base sizes, hey GW, if you aren't going to produce a mycetic spore model, how about throwing us a bone and giving us some official dimensions? Maybe in the next FAQ?

I'd be interested in hearing about your opinion about this situation. There are certainly other examples of very popular choices with no models. Certain wolves come to mind. I would also like to  read your thoughts on stop gap solutions that you find acceptable, both visually and rules-wise, For the Tervigon, Tyrannofex, Doom of Malan'tai, Harpy, and Mycetic Spore.

So come on, Games Workshop. Please don't make the third wave of Nids something you release with 6th Edition! We need it now!


  1. I totally agree - something really went wrong with the management of the Nids release for this to happen...but I get the feeling that hoping for another wave before 6th Ed drops is just wishful thinking.

  2. I've waited to collect Tyranids until the rest of the range is completed. If GW doesn't hurry up, I might just buy Dark Eldar. I've done the maths, and I would spend less money on a Dark Eldar army. GW has until I've saved up for an army to finish Tyranids or they will be losing money.

  3. I have been playing bugs since 2nd ed. It often seems that the bugs are being punished for being too powerful for too long. That having been said GW dropped the ball and got complacent in their business model. Now bug lovers are stuck in the middle.

    So that leaves us with having to make our own or buy a good substitute. For the mycetic spore pods I am a huge fan of the ones Chapterhouse sells, they are very close in size/silhouette to the marine drop pods and are reasonable.

    I have made my own Tervigons and I am very close to a finished Swarmlord and winged Tyrant conversion check out my blog for WiP posts and photos