Bargain Psyflemen

I'm sure I'm the last person to this party, since I'm also the last person in the 40k-verse to put together a Draigowing army. That's right, folks. In addition to my Nids, BAs, and various CSM factions, I decided to put together a quick and dirty small model count army. I already own Draigo, Coteaz, and Stern, so it was a no-brainer to get two boxes of Grey Knights and two boxes of Grey Knight Terminators.
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The final quest for this week was to find 2 pairs of autocannon arms for my Psyflemen. I've posted over and over about my infatuation for dreads, so it should come as no surprise that I have a few spare AoBR bodies laying around; I just need autocannon arms to finish them off.

Lantz (of Admech Fandex fame) suggested Puppets War, who make a very nice series of "walker arms" including autocannons. After looking at and pricing the other options (Aegis, etc), I decided to go with the PuppetsWar option until I found these:

They were designed by someone named BlackBitz and are sold through a 3D printer/distributor Shapeways. The best part is that they are only $10.00 per pair. Of course, I can't speak to their quality yet, but I will certianly update this post when I get them.

UPDATE: They've arrived. Click here.


  1. Don't you have a mate with IG maybe? He probably has a lot of spare autocannon parts laying around from his heavy weapon teams.

  2. Heavy weapon AC are a bit small in scale sentinel are better but harder to come by

  3. Any news yet on the quality of these bitz? If there worth it all be looking forward to picking some so a can finish my GK list.