Square One...Yet Again

So let's talk about back-to-basics. It's a common turn of phrase that implies that something has gone a bit awry and that simplification would render more successful outcomes.

Well, this lonely tactical marine with a flamer is my initial attempt to do just that: simplify my attempts to field a fully painted, 2000-2250 pt BA Army by April 1st, 2012.  If you recall, I was on my way to creating an Angels Sanguine army instead, but very quickly it became clear to me that it was not going to happen. The longitudinally asymmetrical color scheme was, amazingly enough, not an issue; it was the sheer number of steps it took to create this scheme combined with a very poor choice in black paint on my part. I had very little faith that I would be able to keep up my interest long enough to do more than a squad or two.

So I tossed all of my AS army into Simple Green and started on this little guy. I was trying to find the least amount of steps possible to create a good, table-top standard army. And I think I've done it. It's certainly not original; there are variations of this process all over the place. I freely admit that I stole from all of them. Although the colored primer got a little grainy (click the image to see it), I think this will work for me.

Army Painter Dragon Red Spray Primer
Wash with Devlan
Shining Gold on trim. 
Wash again with Devlan Mud.
Boltgun Metal and Chaos Black where appropriate.
Dry brush Chaos Black for the flamer tip.
Ultramarine Blue for the flame.
Micro pen the eye lenses.

I'm going to do the iconography in one fell swoop at the end, along with the basing. This figure took me 30 minutes from dried primer to photography.

What do you think?

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  1. I really like this- very subtle but effective in mood and appearance.