Dr. Doom

So, based on a few excellent examples I've seen on the web, I decided to convert a zoanthrope into a Doom of Malan'tai. This bad ass is a remnant of Hive Fleet Naga, so she can be painted differently than the rest of my Nids (Yeah!). It's described as a souped up zooey, so I think it's a logical chassis to start with. This nasty bug can acquire up to TEN wounds, one for each unsaved wound it inflicts, and despite GW's FAQ that reduced its reach into vehicles, Spirit Leech is insanely useful.

OK, so I started with a vanilla zoanthrope and pieces of a Malwoc (I built a Trygon, so these were inconsequential bits.
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I ended up only using the hood at the bottom right and a bunch of the spines. I looked at the picture in the codex again and realized that the little vestigial arms were essentially the same as the stock zoanthrope. Now in the codex, both the image and text describe it more as having vents all along the back, but I didn't really have a practical way of doing that, so I went for the "exotic zoanthrope" look instead
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I then used a Dremel on the head of the zoanthrope to shape it to fit the new hood. I then carved out the inside of the hood to accommodate the head. The tip of the head was cut to make room for more spines.

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I used a bit of green stuff to attach the hood to the head, I also added more spines, pushed straight into the green stuff (actually gray stuff).

Looks OK, huh? I need to finish the joined areas and refine the GS, but it's basically done.

Pretty, no?

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