Work has slain me

The real world has put me on hold. I did, however, get a nice call from Hank at Adepticon telling me that someone hacked into Adepticon.org and may have phished my credit care account information. I was taken aback, but then realized how cool it was that he called me instead of just emailing.

OK, here's the skinny on what's on the table.

1 Zoanthrope that should be done tonight.
1 Trygon that I really should have airbrushed instead, but it's about 75% dome.
16 Hormagaunts 95% dome (needs wash and dip)
10 Termagants I picked up on a recent visit to a GW store assembled but not started.

I am so anxious to work on CSMs, but I'm not touching anything until the 'nids are done,

1 comment:

  1. Wow, you are getting really close. I am looking forward to seeing the 'Family Portraits'. What does your entire army list look like now? What point value do you think yo are at?

    Once you get everything painted you should get your first game on! If you want to fly down to Florida for a weekend I would have no problem showing you the ropes!