Light at the end of the tunnel....

I'm getting close enough to completion of my Tyranids that I actually whipped up a list. Well, I actually whipped up 4 lists, 3500, 2500, 1500, and 1200. This exercise exposed a problem with 'Nids that I had not foreseen: It's really hard to fit all that I want into 2500 points, and it doesn't even seem like that much of a horde at that point! Is this possible? I think it may be that I'm subconsciously trying to fill all possible slots in the F.O.C. chart...I don't know.

So here's an interesting picture (click for supersize):
The 9 on the left are still wet from being dipped and based (glue, sand, wash). The middle eight have been finished for a while, and the seven on the right are not even finished being basecoated. You can clearly see that the dipping makes the bone areas nicely darker, and it eventually brightens up a bit. I also had 8 more that are not even primed, but they are still on the sprue.

And tonight: 8 Ymargl Genestealers. How am I making them Ymargl? Well, my regular Stealers have reding claws and a "regular" face, while the Ymargls will have feeder tendril faces and scything talons...very Cthulu. I don't know if I'll always use them as Ymargls since my Elite slots are crowded, but I really like the feeder tendril look.

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