A bit of progress

I'm falling into that trap where a million things get started and nothing gets completed. (click on any for larger views)

OMG was this a difficult model to build. The delineations between carapace and "soft bits" are a bit off, making it impossible to create regions of color...think Escher. I got distracted while painting this and ended up with a non-logical color scheme. But it's "internally" consistent, and after the nightmare of pinning this thing, I was glad to call it a day. Hopefully, the new codex will nerf this thing.

The second gargoyle is finished. I have read rumors that there are plastic gargoyles coming, which will be a welcome relief. The pinning of these is yet another frustrating adventure.

Work in Progress Lictor. No crazy pinning quite yet (except for one that goes through the cork on the bass. She's surprisingly stable, mostly due to the sheer weight of the model.

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  1. I think you picked the three most-difficult to build models in your entire army to tackle all at the same time. Regardless, they all look good. I have a feeling that your lictor is going to look sweet once it is all done. Best of luck.