Back in the Saddle

OK, first of all, I apologize for the horrible lighting in these pictures...my photography skills outside of using a lightbox are waning due to my lack of patience. I used to wonder why people took such bad photos of works in progress, but now I understand. OK, here we go...

Genestealers are laid out and ready to go. Since I've never played Nids before, I had to ask on dakkadakka.com about the arm configs.

Here, you can see the test model (primed GW spray white, Bleached Bone base color, Dwarf Flesh and Chaos Black nails, Minwax Polyshade Tudor Gloss wash/seal), the 4 genestealers primed with gesso, and three that have just been assembled.

 Of course, AFTER I primed all of them, I realized that I didn't attached the extended carapace. Ah, well. They are going to be red/black like the carnifex, unless it makes them look too much like shoulder pads. Welcome to the 80s.

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