Now, for something completely different...

I ended up putting the termagants, along with a canoness and gargoyle, into a 50/50 Pine Sol/Water solution to get rid of the rest of the little paint remnants. It worked well...I only had them in for about 1 hour, but I think the plastic may have gotten soft.

And then via Dakka Dakka, I happened upon a Deff Dred tutorial on Miniwargaming.com. This dude made these Dreds (oversized killa kanz, really) out of cardboard. While I didn't think that they were very convincing as kanz or dreds, I thought they were perfect to practice conversions and painting. Plus, my daughter likes it.

I guess I need to do something about the feet, but these aren't for anything but my own amusement.

OK, tomorrow, I'm going to prime 16 genestealers, 16 gaunts, and 5 termagants.

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