Lost My Way

What you are seeing here is a primed genestealer gazing at a group of 5 termagants stewing in isoproyl alcohol. While this scene makes an oddly fitting metaphor for my college years, it's actually a milestone that I reached when I first got into miniatures about two decades ago.

Since this blog began, I've had less and less time to paint. I truly thought that after that first carnifex, I would be hard pressed to buy enough models to keep up with my painting. But with my job and other compulsions interests, I ended up painting in the wee hours of the morning. This led to little mistakes, poor color choices, and now, complete lack of motivation. Case in point: these 'gants. I liked the red carapace/bone skin/black hooves & blades of the carnifex, so I thought that I would continue that theme. The problem was that I was so tired that I chose red skin and a black carapace. Now, that's not a bad scheme in itself...it's very close to a GW-recognized theme. But it's also identical to this incredible work (sans green tongue and incredible painting talent).

So before I lose the last vestige of positive feeling in this hobby, I've decided to hit the reset button. The 'gants take a bath, and I gather them, the genestealers and gaunts together, and we consider our color options. I'm looking to nature for this again (it was my original plan), or I'm going to go for something a lot cooler, and I'm going to take my time to do it right. So we'll see in a little while, I guess.


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