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So what the heck is up with this blog, eh? Some of you may be here from my Facebook page, others may be here from a Google search. At any rate, welcome to my Warhammer 40k (WH40k) blog.

If you have no idea what Warhammer 40k is, you are not going to find anything here that is remotely interesting, and much of it will be incomprehensible. Still want to know? Well, Warhammer 40,000 is, to put it simply, a science fiction war game played with miniature figures and vehicles. That's it. Well, that's not exactly it. There are several components to WH40k that make it compelling for some people...and by "some people" I mean total nerds. There's the painting of the miniatures that borders on obsessive. There's the very open ended gaming rules with dozens of factions and as much or as little minutiae as one wants to utilize. And there's the "fluff", which is the term used for the back stories and rich narrative that have no effect on game play, but are compelling nonetheless.

This is not an introductory blog for the 40k novice. It's just a place for me to post photos and ruminations regarding the details of this odd hobby.

And me? Well, I'm a 42 year old consultant living just outside of Chicago with a wife, 2 daughters, and a dog. I have a decidedly non-nerd lifestyle (for better and worse). I very briefly dabbled in WH40k in college, but real life got in the way. Now I have a bit more disposable income and fewer distractions. My main interest in WH40k lies with the models and painting, so at least at the onset, that will be the subject matter most addressed. I commute to Florida for work, so getting together face-to-face with a group of gamers is not viable at the moment.

Feel free to comment or email me. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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